World Crescents and Stars of Packaging Have Been Rewarded

The awards ceremony of the World Crescents and Stars of Packaging Competition organized by the Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) for the 8th time this year, was taken place more than 500 guests. The Turkish Packaging Industry is running for 5 billion dollars of export by creating added value with new designs. 

The finalists of 'Crescents and Stars of Packaging 2018' competition, which has become a success story and is a brand across Turkey with increasing participation received their awards with a ceremony held in Raffles Hotel Istanbul on October 12, Friday. The award ceremony, attended by more than 500 guests, with a concert featuring Turkish popstar Sertab Erener. As 209 applications were evaluated and 113 packaging took part in the finals, the highest number of applications was made from the food, graphic design and beverages categories while these three categories comprised about 55 percent of the total number of applications. Among these categories, the food category had the highest number of applications with 50 products. The food category was followed by graphic design with 41 applications and beverages category with 24 applications. Those who are given the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Competency awards from among the 113 finalist packages announced during the night. Maximum 3 Gold Packaging Award' given to those from among the products which are entitled to receive Gold Award' in collaboration with the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE).

Evaluating the competition, Mr. Zeki Saribekir, the President of Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) said "I'd like to thank to all companies who applied to the competition for their interest in our Crescents and Stars of Packaging competition and I'd like to congratulate those who made it to the finals and the winners who received the awards". As ASD, we do our best for our Turkish packaging industry, which makes great contribution to Turkey's economy to develop and we are happy to see your efforts in this regard".

Mentioning that they believe they will achieve minimum 23 billion dollars market size and 4.5 - 5 billion dollars export as the packaging industry by 2018, Saribekir continued: "We believe we will bring about a 350 billion dollars economic movement through packaging. Industry-wide, we are highly competitive and have high potential. The products of Turkish packaging industry are exported to 180 countries worldwide. Turkish packaging industry takes decisive steps on the way to be the packaging center of Eurasia. We believe that we'll achieve our goal of 10 billion dollars export and 30 billion dollars market size by 2023".

We should export at least half of what we produce

Highlighting that they aimed to provide brand owners, designers and packaging manufacturers with competitive strength in the international markets when they decided to organize this competition, Saribekir said that they have been successful. Stating that they are happy to see that Turkish packaging industry switched from a passive state to a guiding state in the global markets, Saribekir said the following: "We need to sell packaging and products to more countries during this challenging period for our country. We need to increase the number of markets. We should export at least half of what we produce. Our Crescents and Stars of Packaging competition is the only packaging competition in our country with international competence and validity. Our winners can take part in the WorldStar and AsiaStar competitions organized by the World Packaging Organization and Asia Packaging Federation. I'd like to congratulate all of our companies who take part in these packaging competitions which are supported across the world. We'll continue to show the position achieved by the Turkish packaging industry to the entire world through all these competitions."

The industry had 539 million dollars foreign trade surplus in the first half of the year

Providing information about the recent status of the industry, Zeki Saribekir made the following explanations: "Obtaining 2 billion 306 million dollars export income in the first half of 2018, our industry made 1 billion 767 million dollars import. Focusing on value added production and maintaining its stable growth, our Turkish packaging industry had a total of 539 million dollars foreign trade surplus in the first half of 2018. Our packaging export increased by 8 percent in volume and 17 percent in value compared to the same period of the previous year. Turkish packaging manufacturers continue to gain new markets".

The size of the industry reached 20 billion dollars

Highlighting that Turkish packaging industry achieved 20 billion dollars market size in 2017 and that they estimate that it will reach 23 billion dollars in 2018, Saribekir said the following: "Our industry exported 2 million 125 thousand tons packaging to 180 countries, generating 4 billion 145 million dollars export revenue in 2017. Our industry had 787 million dollars foreign trade surplus in 2017 and we continued to increase our contribution to closing the foreign trade deficit, which is one of the major issues in Turkey's economy. We also continue to perform above the Turkish average export unit price".

You can access the list of the winners in the Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition 2018 by clicking this link.



ASD Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association