Judging and Awards

Packages are evaluated in two stages. In the first stage, the Selection Committee selects the 'Competency Award 2024' winning packages that will be eligible to participate in international competitions, including the WPO-World Packaging Organization WorldStar Competition and APF-Asian Packaging Federation AsiaStar Competition.

The grant of the Gold Packaging Awards to the ones selected among the Gold Award winners in Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition. Besides, the Selection Committee could select maximum of 3 pieces of Gold Packaging Awards from the selected Gold Awards. In the second stage, the Panel of Judges compares the 'Competency Award' winning packages and decides which of them win the gold, silver and bronze awards.

Each winner will be presented an award certificate, a specially designed award statuette, a competition logo and a small visual emblem of the award during the awards ceremony.

The ceremony will be held with an entertainment program at Istanbul.