About the Competition

Technical Specifications


  • In order to enter the competition, you must fill out the special form designed by the Organizer.
  • In compliance with the specifications, a minimum of 3 empty and a minimum 3 full competition product shall be sent in together with up to 2 images of the design in CD/DVD/USB format in 300 dpi, and a statement that describes the product in maximum 100 words of English and maximum 30 words of English summaries written separately. The participant may also submit a video presentation, not longer than 2 minutes, that describes the product.
  • The package, the samples of which will be sent in physically, shall not exceed 0.125 m3 (width X length X height) in volume and be not heavier than 5 (five) kg. The full-size samples of any package exceeding these limits should not be sent in; instead, a scale model of the package may be sent in. In the event of a scale model being sent in, images of the original package should be submitted. If the participant wishes to send in the original samples of the package that exceeds the specified limits shall be responsible for arranging the transportation, unloading and reloading of the package at its own expense.
  • The costs of transporting the packages to and from the competition location and all exhibition expenses of the packages shall be covered by the relevant participants.
  • If the package contains a product that is easily perishable, hazardous and harmful to the environment, it must be sent in either empty or filled with another product that is not hazardous or dangerous and in such density and appearance representing the original product. Packages sent in without complying these requirements will not be considered.