About the Competition



Packs for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, fizzy and non-fizzy soft drinks, and beverages in different forms like dry, powder and liquid.

Electronic and Electrical Household Appliances

Packs for information and communication technology products, computers, communication devices and similar devices; audiovisual house and business devices, television sets, radios, video players, projectors, cameras and other sound and image recorders or players and their accessories and disposables; packs for scientific devices and other devices and software in this scope; packs for large and small electric and mechanical house appliances, including white goods.


Packs for all types of food intended for individual and mass consumption or entertainment purposes at homes and workplaces.

Health and Cosmetic Products

Packs for hair, skin, mouth care products and cosmetics, perfume and beauty products.

Home - Automotive - Office Appliances, Equipment and Disposables

Packs for home and workplace cleaning, care and repair materials and paper products; detergents; coloring agents; construction chemicals and similar chemicals, non-food oil and chemicals for consumer and industrial use in engines and machinery; kitchen and bathroom equipment and accessories.

Packages for Other Non-food Products

Packs for other non-food consumables which are not classified herein.

Pharmaceutical Products

Packs for all types of medicine and medical disposables in bottles, tubes, boxes, blisters or in other forms, serum, and packs for medical care devices.

Industrial and Transportation Packages

Foldable or solid packs made of wood, metal, corrugated cardboard, plastic or composite materials intended to transport and store all types of raw materials and intermediate goods used in Business to Business (B2B) commerce; cases, palettes, binding and fixing products, protective products, flexible or solid cast intermediate goods transportation containers (FIBC and IBC), cardboard boxes, boxes made of corrugated cardboard or other materials; units with electric or mechanical equipment of packaging systems.

Packaging Materials and Components

Innovation and original and or first time practices of usage in packaging materials Exposition, presentation and storage products at points of sale Synthesis packs and presentation structures used in regular surfaces or on counters during the sale, presentation and storage of products in markets, shopping malls and in all types of similar points of sale

Point of Sale Display, Presentation and Storage Products

(Synthesis) packaging and presentation works which are used on normal floor or over the counter in presenting and preserving products in supermarkets, shopping malls and other sale points.

Flexible Packaging

Bags, envelopes, plastic bags, sachets, wrapping paper made separately or made in combination with plastic films, aluminum folio and paper and primary retail packs for food and non-food products that are flexible, soft and easy-to-fold when filled, closed and shaped in similar forms.

Graphic Design

Besides other qualities that are required in a pack, all types of packs produced by observing the principles in the competition specifications, especially conveying one or several messages to the target audience in order to reproduce the correct and desired result, this is the category in which the participants primarily want their packs evaluated for their graphic design qualities through words, symbols, typography, visual arts and effects by using the visual materials creatively. If you enter this category in the competition, packaging will be basically judged in terms of graphic design. Graphic design products produced so as to be attached to the pack later such as tags, sleeve, bands, etc. should be submitted in their final form as attached to the pack and the grounds for the creation of the graphic design shall be explained in remarks. In the event of a category having fewer participants than expected, the Organizer may combine such category with any other one. The Organizer may also create a new category when there is sufficient number of applications for packaging products that are not covered by any of the categories prescribed herein.

Luxury Packaging

Custom printed boxes and all boxes made of other materials, perfume bottles, jewelry boxes and all kind of luxury goods packaging (foods, beverages, luxury clothing) with have higher economic value.