About the Competition

Competition Rules

Competition Rules and Conditions

  • Packaging manufacturers and suppliers, brand owners and designers operating within the Turkish Republic & World may participate in the competition with their packages produced and placed on the market, including those produced by packaging manufacturers at their facilities abroad and placed on domestic and global markets.
  • Packaging products which participated in another competition previously held in Turkey or abroad may participate in this competition, provided that they have not participated in a competition organized previously by ASD.
  • The entry fee is  500 Euro (five hundred Euro) per product for the 2024 competition. The participants may enter with additional packages. In case they enter the competition with additional packages, the entry fee for each additional package is 400 Euro (four hundred Euro).
  • Packages may enter the "Crescents and Stars for Packaging 2024" competition regardless of their production volume or having participated in another competition. An applicant may participate in the competition with additional packages. However, in case a package manufacturer or package brand owner or designer participates with the same package multiple times, that package will be judged only once.
  • The manufacturer and supplier, brand owners or designer of a package participating in the competition shall be responsible for protecting all intellectual property rights regarding such package. The Organizer does not assume any responsibility for any package with copyrights belonging to third parties or for possible imitations of any copyrighted package.
  • The Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition is accredited and recognized by WPO-World Packaging Organization and APF-Asian Packaging Federation.
  • The manufacturers and suppliers, brand owners or designers of packages participating in the competition and winning at least the Competency 2022 or 2024  award will be eligible to participate in World Packaging Organization's 2024 WorldStar Competition Asian Packaging Federation's AsiaStar Competition .
  • Winners of the gold, silver or bronze award of Competency 2024 are granted the right to use the competition logo and a small emblem of the prize on their winning packages by observing the Association's requirements and principles in terms of logo and emblem size.
  • The manufacturer and supplier, brand owner or designer of a package may participate in the competition either individually or as a team. In the latter case, only one single award will be given to the winning team.
  • The Organizer holds the right to use all types of visual materials regarding the award-winning packages for two years.
  • The expert panel of judges will award the Competency 2024 and gold, silver and bronze prizes to the winning packages.