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What are the benefits of winning an award in the Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition?

 The Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition is an international competition which both the Capital and Ekonomist magazines in Turkey rank among the most prestigious competitions held in Turkey. 

 The Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition is accredited and recognized by both the World Packaging Organization (WPO) and Asian Packaging Federation (APF).

 Entries winning at least the 'Competency 2022 or 2024 Award' will be eligible to compete in the WorldStar Competition organized by WPO and in the 'AsiaStar Competition' organized by APF.

 Entries winning a prize in the Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition (Competency 2024, Gold, Silver or Bronze) will be entitled to use the Competition logo on their packaging.

 Entries winning a prize will be exhibited at the Eurasia Packaging Exhibition which will be held on Istanbul in  October 2024   and will probably attract a total of 75.000 visitors, 1200 exhibitors, from over than 40 countries across the world.

 Brief information about the winning participants will appear in the Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition 2024  Booklet which is printed in nearly 20.000 copies every year and distributed at local and international tradeshows, events, meetings and conferences.

 Who are eligible to enter the Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition 2024 ?

 Turkish and foreign packaging manufacturers and suppliers, and packaging brand owners and designers may enter the Competition with their commercial and/or promotional packaging products placed on the market

 Packaging products that participated in another competition previously held in Turkey or abroad may participate in this Competition, provided that they have not participated in a competition organized previously by ASD.

In which award categories can entries compete in the Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition?

The Competition is held in 13 different categories as follows:


1. Food

2. Beverages

3. Electronic and Electrical Household Appliances

4. Health and Cosmetic Products

5. Home - Automotive - Office Appliances, Equipment and Disposables

6. Packaging for Other Non-food Products

7. Pharmaceutical Products

8. Industrial and Transportation Packaging

9. Packaging Materials and Components

10. Point of Sale Display, Presentation and Storage Products

11. Flexible Packaging

12. Graphic Design

13. Luxury Packaging

For more details on the award categories, please contact the Competition Secretary. In case of insufficient number of entries submitted in any of the award categories, the organizer of the Competition may combine such category with another one or may otherwise designate a new category. Additionally, the Selection Committee (Professional Jury) may make changes to the award categories if it deems such changes necessary. 

How many entries am I allowed to submit to the Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition?

 There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit. However, in case of a multiple nomination by a packaging manufacturer, brand owner or designer, such nomination shall be judged for once.

 How much is the entry fee for the Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition?

 The entry fee for each nomination submitted to the 2024 Competition is 4.000 TRY (four thousand Turkish Liras) (inc. VAT). In case of multiple nominations, the entry fee for each nomination in addition to the first one is 3.500 TRY (three thousand five hundred Turkish Liras) (inc. VAT).

 The entry fee for each nomination submitted from abroad is 500 Euro ( five hundred Euros) (inc. VAT). In case of multiple nominations, the entry fee for each nomination in addition to the first one is 400 Euro (four hundred Euros) (inc. VAT). 

 How should I pay the entry fee?

 You may pay the entry fee by wire-transfer, credit card or by mail order to ASD following account no later than the deadline for application, i.e. 31 May 2024, Friday, 17:00 p.m.

Explanation: Crescents and Stars for Packaging Award 2024

Account Name: Ambalaj Sanayicileri Derneği İktisadi İşletmesi


Swift Code: TGBATRIS062

IBAN NO:  TR98 0006 2001 0160 0009 0953 87

Entrants preferring to pay the entry fee by credit card (mail order) must fill in the related section of the Application Form.

 What is the nomination schedule?

The deadline for application is 31 May 2024, Friday, 17:00 p.m. So, entrants must have filled in the Application Form as required, submitted their packaging samples to the Competition Secretary in the ASD Packaging Building together with the Application Form, and paid the entry fee(s) to the above-given bank account until the said deadline.

  • Start Date for Entries: 1 February 2024
  • Closing Date for Entries: 31 May 2024 
  • Panel of Judges Meeting Dates: 27 - 28 June 2024
  • Award Ceremony: The date will be announced

 Who are the members of the Panel of Judges?

 Selection Committee  (Professional Jury) consists of 4 members from 4 main packaging sectors, i.e. Glass, Paper/Cardboard, Metal and Plastic Packaging, 1 Packaging Specialist, 1 Marketing Specialist,  1 Graphic Designer, 1 Academician specialising in Industrial Design, 2 Turkish Standards Specialists and 1 Academician specialising in Food Engineering.

Before serving on the Selection Committee, each member of the Selection Committee signs a Jury Agreement, under which he/she declares he/she has no relationship with or interest of any kind in any of the entries submitted, and delivers the Agreement to the Organizer.

 In case a Jury member fails to serve on the Selection Committee for any reasons, the Organizer may assign a new member.

 What criteria does the Selection Committee  use to evaluate the entries?

 Selection Committee  (Professional Jury) uses the following 11 criteria:

1- Protection and preservation of contents

2- New, original and different, and appealing package form

3- Ease of handling, filling, closing, opening and reclosing

4- Adequate and sufficient marking and information on the package

5- Sales appeal

6- Graphic design

7- Quality of production

8- Economy in material usage and production costs

9- Environmental sensitivity, sustainability and reusability and recyclability

10- Ingenuity of construction

11- Suitability for successful exhibition at final points of sale.

 What prizes will be awarded in the Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition?

 Gold, Silver, Bronze and Competency 2024 Awards will be awarded to winners in the applicable categories.

 A maximum of 3 entries meriting the Gold Award will be judged and awarded a "Gold Packaging Award" jointly with the Turkish Standards Institute.

 What documents are required from entrants when applying for the Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition?

 In addition to filling in and submitting the Application Form provided by the Organizer, you are required to submit the following documents and items to the Competition Secretary:

 A minimum of 3 empty and 3 product-filled packaging samples until the deadline for application. Entrants submitting less than 3 packaging samples shall not be allowed to compete.

 The capacity of any packaging must not be bigger than 0.125 m3 (width X length X height) and it must not either be heavier than 5 (five) kilograms. Packaging samples exceeding the said limits are not needed to be submitted physically. Entrants may, if they wish, submit a model of such packaging sample together with images showing its daily use. Entrants preferring to submit physically their packaging samples exceeding the above-said limits shall be responsible for arranging the transport, unloading, handling and reloading of their packages and also paying for all the costs involved.

A minimum of 2 digital images (300 dpi) showing the design, material and functional features of the packaging to be submitted.

 A written statement in Turkish, limited to 100 words and providing details about the packaging, as well as a summary letter in both Turkish and English, limited to 30 words and describing briefly the packaging.

 Entrants may also submit a video recording, with a maximum length of 2 minutes, to describe their packaging.

 How can I apply for the Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition?

 The Application Form provided by the organizer shall be duly filled in, stamped and signed by the entrant's authorized representative. (Please make sure that you tick the related box on the Form to confirm that all the information you provided in the Form is correct and true.) The original copy of the Application Form shall be mailed to the Competition Secretary. 

 All the documents listed above must also be submitted the Competition Secretary, along with the Application Form, in CD/DVD/USB format or by e-mail.

 The Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition Secretary: 


ASD - Ambalaj Sanayicileri Dernegi (Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association)

Katip Salih Sokak, No: 13, Koşuyolu-Kadıköy 34718 İstanbul

Tel: 0216 545 49 48 Faks: 0216 545 49 47

E-mail: sekreterya@ambalajayyildizlari.com

Website: www.ambalajayyildizlari.com & www.ambalajyarismasi.com

 What should I do to increase my chances of winning a prize?

 Selection Committee consisting of subject matter experts, evaluates meticulously all applications, packaging samples, statements and images. For that reason, focusing on the following matters would increase your chances of winning a prize. 

 Low quality and damaged packages are normally eliminated or not considered by the Selection Committee Accordingly, make sure that your packaging samples are of high quality and all meet the same standard.

 In your written statement and summary letter, describe clearly the relationship between the packaging and the product it contains (by taking into consideration the award category you have applied for and criteria used by the Selection Committee

 It is very important for your packaging to have aesthetic features and to be the product of professional work throughout the evaluation process. All images submitted are used in the presentations and evaluation booklets prepared for the Selection Committee. For that reason, please make sure that your images reflect fully the design, material and functions of your packaging. In addition, please remember that those images are also used in the Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition documents.


The Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition Secretary: 

Kâtip Salih Sokak No 13, Ambalaj Sanayicileri Derneği (ASD)

Koşuyolu-Kadıköy /ISTANBUL

Tel: 0216-545 49 48

Fax: 0216- 545 49 47

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e-mail : sekreterya@ambalajayyildizlari.com   

website : www.ambalajayyildizlari.com  or  www.ambalajyarismasi.com