Results of Crescent and Stars of Packaging 2014 were Announced

The Champions of the Cresent and Stars for Packaging 2014 Competition have been determined. 


192 applications were evaluated in 9 different categories and 98 packages received awards. The finalists are entitled to participate in the WorldStar and AsiaStar, latter of which is organized by the Asian Packaging Federation, this year.

The awards for the Crescent and Stars of Packaging Competition 2014 organized by the Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) were distributed at an event held at Conrad Istanbul Hotel on 5 September 2014. The organization, which was attended by about 500 guests, was hosted by the presenter (Ms) Ceylan Saner, and the famous singer (Ms) Zuhal Olcay gave a concert during the occasion. 11 Gold, 13 Silver, 25 Bronze and 49 Competency awards were given to the representatives of winner companies. Among the Gold Awards presented at the Crescent and Stars of Packaging Awards, Gold Packaging Awards were also given in cooperation with Turkish Standards Institution (TSE). Among the Gold Awards which it presented in the competition categories it deemed appropriate, the jury also gave 3 "Gold Packaging Awards”.

Turkish Companies are able to participate in the Crescent and Stars of Packaging with the products they produce and place on the market in Turkey and abroad. Since the event is accredited by World Packaging Organization (WPO), it is internationally recognized. In accordance with the rules of the competition, the winners of the "Competency 2014” award are entitled to participate in international competitions including WorldStar, organized by WPO. Starting this year, the Finalists will also be able to participate in AsiaStar, a competition organized by Asian Packaging Federation (APF).

Crescent and Stars of Packaging is Going Global

Mr. Sadettin Korkut, the President of ASD, gave a speech at the beginning of the Crescent and Stars of Packaging, in which he emphasized that packaging which could be considered the clothing for products do bring a standard and added value to products in a world where global competition is increasing rapidly. Mr Korkut said: "The winners of the Crescent and Stars of Packaging, which we have been organizing for the last five years, were able to participate in WorldStar, organized by WPO, of which we are a member. This year, the winners can also apply to AsiaStar, the competition organized by APF. Through these international competitions which are supported by the entirety of the countries that are members of these organizations and in which we take part as members of the jury, we are hoping to demonstrate the point at which Turkish Packaging Industry has reached”.

Korkut added that they are planning to make Crescent and Stars of Packaging, which was organized for the fifth time this year, global: "Crescent and Stars of Packaging have become a national brand, and products from other countries will be accepted starting from next year. In other words, Crescent and Stars of Packaging will become an international competition, and Global Crescent and Stars of Packaging will be selected. We are aiming to expand the scope of our competition, first by becoming a regional competition and accepting applications from Eastern European Countries, Southeast Europe, Northern Africa and Central Asia, and then becoming a completely international competition.”