Jury Selected The Finalists

The champions of the Crescent and Stars for Packaging, a competition organized by Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) for the fifth time, have been determined. 192 designs were evaluated in 9 different categories and 98 of them were awarded prizes. Starting this year, the finalists will be able to join the WorldStar and the AsiaStar, a competition organized by Asia Packaging Federation (APF). 

"Crescent and Stars for Packaging”, a competition which was organized by the Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) for the fifth time this year, has been concluded. The competition, which aims to help Turkish companies to create added value through original and correct packaging applications they place on the market and to obtain competitive edge, attracted great deal of attention again.

Turkish Companies are able to participate in Crescent and Stars for Packaging with the products they produce and place on the market in Turkey and abroad. Since the event is accredited by WPO - World Packaging Organization, it is internationally recognized. In accordance with the rules of the competition, the winners of "Competency 2014” award are entitled to participate in international competitions including WorldStar, organized by WPO. Starting this year, the Finalists will also be able to participate in AsiaStar, which is organized by APF-Asian Packaging Federation.

Convening at ASD on 22 - 23 May 2014, the Selection Committee (Professional Jury) examined all packages and graded all applications based on 11 criteria included in the conditions of the competition. 98 packages were awarded "Competency 2014” prize at the first stage based all criteria which ranged from quality of the product to environmental sensitivity, and from design to originality.

At the second stage, the best packages in all categories were given Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes. The winners of Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes will be announced at an event to be held at Conrad Istanbul on 5 September 2014. Three packages who received the Gold Prize at Packaging Crescent and Stars will also receive "Golden Packaging Award” with the collaboration of TSE-Turkish Standards Institute.

Turkish companies are in the global arena

ASD Chairman Sadettin Korkut made statements about the competition. He emphasized the fact that packaging which can be considered the clothing for products bring a standard and added value to products in a world where global competition is increasing rapidly. ASD Chairman Korkut said: "The winners of the Crescent and Stars for Packaging, which we have been organizing for the last five years, were able to participate in WorldStar, which was organized by World Packaging Organization (WPO), of which we are a member. This year, the winners can apply to AsiaStar, the competition organized by Asian Packaging Federation (APF), as well. Through these international competitions which are supported by countries that are members of these organizations and in which we take part as members of the jury, we are hoping to demonstrate the point at which Turkish Packaging Industry has reached”.

According to ASD data, Turkish packaging industry has achieved 6.35 million ton of production and a USD 14 billion turnover in 2012, and its value increased by 17 percent from the previous year. Mr.  Korkut said: "We believe that our packaging industry will continue this growth trend in 2013. When foreign trade indicators are considered, we can say that Turkish Packaging Industry will reach USD 16 Billion by the end of 2013. We are proud to award the successful works of Turkish companies in the packaging arena and make them known on a global scale.”

Notes to the Editor:

About Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD)

Bringing together the prominent packaging industrialists in Turkey, ASD was established in 1992 by 39 packaging manufacturers and has more than 200 corporate members today. The objective of ASD is to assist the development of packaging industry in Turkey, to give it an institutional identity, to ensure that it is represented on national and international platforms, to develop and strengthen the unity, coordination and solidarity among its members.

About World Packaging Organization (WPO)

Established in Tokyo in 1968, WPO has numerous members from 42 countries. Within the scope of WorldStar, WPO has been rewarding countless new packages from all around the world since 1970. In order for a packaging to participate in WorldStar, it must be awarded in a competition organized in its country which is recognized by WPO. Crescent and Stars for Packaging is such a competition which is recognized by WPO.

About Asian Packaging Federation (APF)

APF was established in Tokyo in 1967 and harbors the most prominent representatives of the packaging industry of Asian-Pacific countries. Turkey is represented by Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) in this organization of which Packaging Associations and Unions from Australia, Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam are members. The AsiaStar Awards given every year by APF are known as the "Packaging Oscars of Asia”.