About the Competition

Selection Committee

Jury, Judgement and Awards

A-Selection Committee (Professional Jury)
Selection Committee (Professional Jury) consists 4 specialists from 4 main packaging sub-sector which are glass, paper/cardboard, metal and plastic; 1 packaging specialist; 1 marketing specialist, 1 industrial designer; 1 graphic designer; 1 industrial designer from a national university; 2 TSE specialist and  1 food engineer from a national university. 
The Selection Committee will consider each package on the basis of the following features and criteria: 

  • Protection and preservation of contents
  • New, original and different, and appealing package form
  • Ease of handling, filling, closing, opening and reclosing
  • Adequate and sufficient marking and information on the package,
  • Sales appeal
  • Graphic design
  • Quality of production
  • Economy in material usage and production costs
  • Environmental sensitivity, sustainability and reusability and recyclability
  • Ingenuity of construction
  • Suitability for successful exhibition at final points of sale